Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stonehenge II - Ingram TX

Constructed in 1989 by Al Sheppard of Kerrville, TX, Stonehenge II is a roughly 3/4 size replica of the real thing on the Salisbury Plains of England.

Unlike the real Stonehenge, Stonehenge II is made of plaster and mesh and was created in the middle of Sheppard's pasture.  Recently moved to the Hill Country Center for the Arts in Ingram, TX, Stonehenge II was filled with graffiti-covered theater equipment when the authors recently visited it in August.   Also present are 2 replica Moai (stone heads) from Easter Island, also created by Sheppard. 

Classy, Texas.

To learn more about Al Sheppard's work, visit Roadside America's Website on Stonehenge II.

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